What is the Root Network?

The Root Network is a collaborative and supportive community of educators, policymakers, and funders who believe in and support the mission of access to education for all. The Root Network has three main avenues of supporting it’s educators: Capacity Building, Fund Raising, an Seeds of Thought.

Capacity Building

The Root Network help educators connect with mentors and peers who can help you with career guidance, classroom support, and person growth. The root network creates a space where educators can ask questions, give advice, or work through unique and challenging issues facing their classrooms and students.

Fund Raising

The Root Network works to facilitate the development of partnerships between educators and local corporate sponsors and foundations. These partnerships can lead to increased funding and classroom materials that aim to serve the needs of educators and their students.

Seeds of Thought

Seeds of Thought is a series of conversations with teachers, school administrators, and education policy leaders from around the United States. As a member of the Root Network, you can share you can share your story with Acorn and the Root Network.