Acorn Labs needs your help to uplift teachers across America

We here at Acorn we aim to understand what teachers day-to-day challenges are and provide platforms to solve them. 

As a non-profit organization, Acorn Labs relies on your generosity to impact teachers. Any amount that you can spare will go directly towards all of the activities that we engage in. 

Some examples of the platforms we provide are:

  • EduPod: A platform for teachers to share their stories about their experiences and motivate, educate and inform others in their community

  • GatherPod: A networking outlet for teachers to find mentors, friends, and colleagues 

  • Awards: Appreciation for teachers who are focusing beyond the standard classroom for their students yield more engaged students and more successful students

  • Curriculum Repositories: Ready-to-Teach curriculum allowing teachers to focus more on the students and themselves

  • Partnerships: Connecting teachers to other platforms that help overcome any hurdles for a teacher

All donations are tax-deductible.