Empowering our K-12 public school teachers.


About Acorn

Acorn is a nonprofit devoted to empowering K-12 teachers in some of our nation’s most underfunded school districts.


About the root network


The Root Network is our main initiative, founded in 2018.


To support teachers in underfunded schools by providing them with a community of peers, mentors, and funders who will help them introduce STEM tools in their classrooms to accelerate their bold ideas and ambitions. 


We envision a world where the entire education ecosystem has access to all the resources they need to help students become successful.

What does our work look like?


The Root Network is a collaborative and supportive community of educators, policymakers, and funders who believe in and support the mission of access to education for all. The Root Network is open to any K-12 educator throughout the United States regardless of geographical region.

The Root Network supports educators through two main avenues: Capacity Building and Fundraising.

Capacity Building

The Root Network connects educators to a support network that includes mentors and peers. This network is aimed at helping educators with both practical advice and professional development. We provide a space where educators can ask questions, give advice, or work through unique and challenging issues they face in their classrooms or in their school environment.

Fundraising (expected spring 2020)

The Root Network will facilitate the development of partnerships between educators and local corporate sponsors, foundations, and individual donors. These partnerships can lead to increased funding and classroom materials that aim to serve the needs of educators and their students. This feature will launch in Spring 2020.