Our Mission

Acorn is a nonprofit that provides teachers with a collaborative and supportive community that believes in education for all.

Teachers provide consistent and crucial support for students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being. In supporting teachers, we aim to meet the needs of students, especially underserved students.

Our goal is to share experiences and work of teachers with a larger audience, while connecting them to mentors, funding opportunities, strategic partnerships, and policy leaders thereby accelerating teachers’ bold ideas and ambitions and providing them with career and personal support.

Our History

Acorn started in 2015 as a STEM outreach organization for students and has worked with organizations such as Oakland Public Library and Oakland Technical High School to bring 3D design classes to local youth.

In our journey to scale this program we met and spoke to several STEM teachers across the country. We learned that teachers felt unsupported and lacked supportive peer and mentorship networks. We quickly realized that in order to create the impact we sought to create, we needed to focus on teachers.

Our Solution

In order to create a supportive network for teachers, we launched Seeds of Thought and the Root Network in 2019 (read more here!)

Through our program, we have built a network of individuals who are truly passionate about education, have bold ideas to better the future of our students, and are willing to support educators in a number of ways.